Legends of Atlantia

You're a little tall to be a goblin...

Days Traveled: 4

Day 4

  1. As our adventurers make their way through the cave, Khoran sees a goblin throwing rocks into what seem to be former pools of water currently being filled by a small waterfall.
  2. Still appearing like a goblin, Tolvar sneaks ahead, assassinates the goblin, and sees a large, hairy creature wandering in another chamber.
  3. After he reports back to the group, they decide to recon the rest of the cave.
  4. A small bridge and tunnel later, Khoran peers into the chamber ahead.
  5. He sees two goblins hiding behind two stalagmites, a goblin rumaging through a sack, and a tortured Sildar Hallwinter lying on the ground.
  6. Tolvar runs in, confusing the three known goblins and four newly discovered ones also hiding behind the stalagmites.
  7. The one that seems to be the leader among them, yells at Tolvar to come over and hide behind the other rock.
  8. Ursoc conjurs a cloud of fog inside the chamber.
  9. Khoran takes this cue to charge in, slay the formerly pillaging goblin, and check on Sildar, handing him a mace.
  10. Jeff follows up to heal Sildar and cover him while he regains his composure.
  11. Tolvar is now towards the back of the chamber with the leader and two other goblins that have decided to put distance between the them and the unknown.
  12. In the thickness of the fog, he finds his moment to quietly kill one of the goblins.
  13. A confused and frightened goblin comes running out of the fog nearest Jeff, swinging wildly.
  14. He dodges the attack and returns the favor in kind.
  15. Sildar, now mentally focusing his rage towards his captures, channels his newfound strength through his mace and into the face of the goblin by Jeff, ensuring the fog will no longer cause him fear.
  16. A couple of other goblins come out of the fog and are just as quickly put to rest.
  17. Jeff summons the roar of a bear just inside the fog, while Ursoc dismisses the cloud, charges in, transforms into a brown bear, and matches the rage of the roar Jeff conjured.
  18. Tolvar tries to distract the leader, fails, and attacks a nearby goblin after ripping off his own mask to make sure Sildar doesn't attack him by mistake.
  19. It's at this time Khoran finds his time to strike.
  20. With the leader in his sites, Khoran charges forward and impales the once fearless leader into the cavern wall.
  21. When the chamber clears of combat, the characters calm the formerly captured Sildar.
  22. After spending some time with him they learn a few things:

    • He and Gundren were ambushed and captured on Triboar Trail.
    • Gundren and their map to the legendary Wave Echo Cave, were taken to Cragmaw Castle.
    • The leader of the goblins in the hideout they are currently in, is named Klarg, and is in a chamber at the other end.
    • Klarg was given instructions from the Black Spider to capture Gundren alive and his map intact.
    • Sildar was on his way to Phandalin in order to search for his friend, a human wizard named Iarno Albreck.
    • Albreck is perceived kidnapped or dead since no word has been heard from him in two months.
  23. Our band of adventurers head down to halls to face Klarg.
  24. They devise a plan to involving Tolvar dressing back up as a goblin.
  25. He then goes running wildly into the room where Klarg is and hides behind a goblin near some crates, acting as if he's being chased.
  26. The rest of the group runs in after him.
  27. Klarg's wolf runs up next to him, sensing something isn't right.
  28. Jeff runs in and shoves an unsuspecting goblin 30 feet to his death.
  29. Ursoc follows suit, fills the room with vines, transforms into a bear, and stands firm next to Klarg and his pet wolf.
  30. Khoran charges in behind Ursoc, unable to reach the vanguard.
  31. Tolvar attacks his new neighbor, but only marginally damaging him before he runs away towards Klarg.
  32. The wolf sees this chance to sink his jaws into the large bear threatening his master.
  33. Though, Ursoc shows Klarg his displeasure with his pet's behavior by gifting him two claws in the face.
  34. Uncomfortable with his unwelcomed company, Klarg returns the favor in kind by fiercely attacking the bloody bear, nearly forcing Ursoc to transform back into his human form.
  35. Now enraged by his inaccessibility to the combat, Khoran grabs hold of Ursoc and bearly throwing himself over his friend.
  36. Using his momentum, Khoran slams his greatsword through Klarg's collar bone and out of his lower back.
  37. The heroes clear the room after killing Klarg and relish in their victory over the local goblin bandits.



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